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Life is a journey and
your journey is a link to all traces.

Remember and keep
your traces on your life.

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Discover hot spots all over the world

Don't you want to travel all over the world without going by yourself?

Let’s explore spots all over the world with Tralog.

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Record every spots on your trace

What if you go to the same place a few times but hard to remember?

Instead of you, Tralog remembers all your traces. From now on, don't ask anyone else for directions!

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Keep and manage your all spots

You can manage all your spots. Create your own Spotbook like a scrapbook.

Anytime and anyplace, check your spots easily!

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Easily share your spots with your friends!

From now on, you don’t need to check a meeting place previously.

Also you can share any meeting place with your friend. Don't wander around in different places!

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